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Donate to Community Service Stars Book Drive

Community Service Stars Book DriveYouthCARE's Community Service Stars are organizing a book drive for Project for Pride in Living (PPL). The C.S. Stars are looking for culturally relevant books with interesting topics to give to youth coming out of homelessness. Although PPL appreciates the many different tastes in reading, they are looking for books that will be most engaging to their participants. It is important to the readers that they see themselves reflected in the images and stories told. PPL prioritize books that are Afrocentric and focus on people of color. Please see list below on types of books we are looking for:

  • Sports: football, basketball, women in sports
  • Animals - especially extreme or scary animals
  • Goosebumps
  • Poetry
  • Culturally specific books: black authors, exploring cultures of the world, Sankofa book list
  • Historical books for a younger audience and have been updated
  • Nature books - especially oceans and rain forests
  • Books about professions (modernized!)
  • Fact books - Guinness book of world records, amazing facts, etc.
  • Joke books
  • Comic books- including graphic novels and manga

If you are interested in donating to the book drive, please contact the C.S. Stars Crew Leader by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the YouthCARE office (612-338-1233) before August 15. Thank you!

Since 1974, our commitment has been to:

  • Offer educational experiences that foster cultural awareness, understanding and appreciation.
  • Employ youth in meaningful positions that also offer further education and career exploration.
  • Provide experiences and mentoring to develop youth leadership abilities.


YouthCARE's Volunteer Program provides a wide variety of opportunities for adults to get involved.

  • Program Volunteers work directly with young people in one of YouthCARE's three programs: Camp Sunrise, YouthLEAD, or the Young Women's Mentoring Program
  • Policy Volunteers serve on YouthCARE's Board of Directors or on a Policy Committee.
  • Special Event Volunteers provide support to YouthCARE by assisting with special events such as fundraisers, Camp Sunrise Workdays, or by sharing a special skill or expertise such as carpentry or graphics arts.