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Youth Leaders

Congratulations to Veronica Sanchez, age 16, who received a 2016 Red Wagon Award by the Minnesota Alliance with Youth. The Red Wagon Awards annually honor young people in grades 6-12 in Minnesota that have shown resilience and overcome obstacles to achieve academic gains, give back to their community and grow to become leaders among their peers.

Veronica, a youth mentor in the Young Women's Mentoring Program at Little Earth of United Tribes during 2015-16, was nominated by YouthCARE's Millie Hernandez (pictured right).

Veronica is a student at Longfellow Alternative High School, formerly named Broadway High School, which is a community school for pregnant and parenting students and their children. In addition to being a student, she is also the mother of a 19-month old child, engaged in her community, and employed part-time to support her family. As you may imagine, wearing these various hats must be an extraordinary challenge, yet it’s one that has not stopped her on her mission to become the first in her entire family to graduate high school.

Alexis, Age 17
“Working with YouthCARE was one of the best things I experienced. Being a part of this program was more of a privilege than a job."

Chris, Age 17
“I recommend YouthCARE to any youth. 99.9% chance it will change anybody. It changed me, definitely, a lot."

Chavanna, Age 16
“Some of the skills that I have gained [at YouthCARE] are getting better at talking out a situation between two girls and figuring out a solution they both agree on."